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One Hundred Beautiful Girls

Posted by
Bettina (Los Angeles, United States) on 4 July 2010 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

Is this the door to heaven or hell?
Do you lose track after forty?
Should someone notify the fire marshal?
Is this a garage sale?
Do they offer volume discounts?
I am left with many questions when faced with the mirrored door at Club Galaxy.

Panasonic DMC-FZ35 1/160 second F/3.4 ISO 160 98 mm (35mm equiv.)

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

Wow, That's a serect place! The door and the wave reflection in it is more fantastic than the board and is more of an ad than the words on the board! Whatever the heaven or the hell, depend on the choice of each...Great b/w!!

4 Jul 2010 5:11am

@flyingwind风飞扬: Like a hall of mirrors. All you see is yourself distorted. But you can never see through.

*MЯG* from Tehran, Iran

classical shot...
very impressive
i like that

4 Jul 2010 5:12am

@*MЯG*: Thank you! :)

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

As we go through life we pass by so many signs and doors enter or not is the question and the choice...that is when we decide whewre we wish to go..sometimes we take the wrong course...but always there will be more signs and doors...its all about choices...A GREAT shot, and a wonderful post:)

4 Jul 2010 5:36am

@Pavan Kaul: Conscious choice is important. Free will is everything. There are a few doors I wouldn't walk into a second time. But we all learn. That's the process. I think we start smart (as children). Get dumb. And then have to find our way back to smart by the end of the ride.

jpla from France

Joli N&B ! Je te souhaite un agréable dimanche

4 Jul 2010 5:44am

Dulcie from Danville, CA, United States

Well, many choices indeed...and if one enters and finds it is the wrong choice....
there's always the fire escape !! ;-)

4 Jul 2010 5:53am

@Dulcie: Good point. I like to keep the escape route in mind whenever entering that unknown door.

clodagh smith from Sacramento, United States

the picture in the door is great. what is wrong with men? :D

4 Jul 2010 6:05am

@clodagh smith: I don't know.

The Mouse from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Bet there all in there scratching themselves right now. Dirty girls!
As to the fire marshal, well he is probably in there checking them!

4 Jul 2010 6:13am

@The Mouse: One hundred beautiful itchy girls. That sounds bad. Very bad.

Jhon from Fine Land, Singapore

Appear to me quite run down, the place.

4 Jul 2010 6:20am

@Jhon: Not the most classy place in the world maybe.

Yvon from Orleans, France

Wonderful door

4 Jul 2010 6:49am

@Yvon: Thanks! :)

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Heaven ? Hell ? I guess it depends... must be the place to be for some guys ;) Happy 4th of July Bettina :)

4 Jul 2010 7:12am

Florence from Paris, France

Incredible. I sometimes feel a lot of anger seeing this kind of shops. How can men possibly sleep well beeing responsible for human traffic ? All this exists because they need to have sex when they want. Can I suggest one thing ? Hormonal dysfunction can be solve. Consult gynaecologists.

4 Jul 2010 8:11am

@Florence: I appreciate your strong words. How humans do not see the human in another is hard to understand.

Florence from Paris, France

Sorry, I even forget to talk about the main...
A powerful shot and message for me. Clever choice for the mono.
Thanks for this image and sharing about it Bettina.

4 Jul 2010 8:12am

Xerophytes from United Kingdom

Ah lovely! I like the reflection in the door! Perfect choice for b&w!

4 Jul 2010 8:16am

@Xerophytes: Thank you very much!

k@ from Paris, France

Like the magic box of some totally psycho magician, brr...... how can such a sign exist ? (and there are so many...) with stars around, as if a gift for crazy grown-up men... Very disturbing contrasts here, with the sun, summer vibes, happy mood and what must be the reality behind the gate of Hell, for sure... Totally agree with Pavan's worlds... And yet, we pass by and can't do much, can we ? Disturbing image, yes, in the best way...

4 Jul 2010 8:19am

LB Vision from PARIS, France

Composition sympa, j'aime ces portes vitrés qui vous renvoie votre image au moment où vous rentrez dans le club, histoire de vous mettre face à vous même, vos choix, vos motivations !! Peace !

4 Jul 2010 8:28am

@LB Vision: Very nicely said. You can see yourself and all your choices reflected. Peace! :)

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

and a 100 questions. A very clever find... the mirrored door reflects the blank wall behind and the grills above the door are there to either keep the 100 girls in or everyone else out?

4 Jul 2010 9:05am

@kiwisa: I didn't even really notice those grills. You're right. Very cage like.

CElliottUK from United Kingdom

Quality control is needed, I'll be over to count the girls myself

4 Jul 2010 9:14am

@CElliottUK: It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

When you get to my age it's hard enough passing the unobtainable on the street without paying money to torture yourself with a hundred in a club :0 Nice reflection in the doors though:) Well documented

4 Jul 2010 9:29am

@grouser: It might as well say One Hundred Beautiful Expensive Unobtainable Girls.

COOLRIDER 2 SHOT from READING, United Kingdom

nice glory hole.

4 Jul 2010 10:02am

@COOLRIDER 2 SHOT: One hundred beautiful vaccinated girls. Meaning I never heard it before! :)

Christian from Mantes La Jolie, France

A shot in a flat composition, an informative and direct view without perspective effect.. So realistic and accusatory! A door like a mirror and we ask us: "what have I been past forty? Which stars were lighting so much when I looked in front of heaven?"... Everybody, a day, have had this choice to do.. And each man had reply differently but mine is: "Honnesty never been for sale.. Fire is under control when own project is to share with close parents, hope and a best life.. And if someone missed family life, hope wil be always present on mind if he accept loneliness.. To be is the principal.. And to have nothing! In all a life, just few stars were shining a lot, 100 is a mirage, a brain hormonal addiction, a fantasy, a jail.."
Strong photo Bettina!

4 Jul 2010 10:35am

@Christian: Thank you, Christian!

Philip from Reading, United Kingdom

yeah. why 100? seems odd. what if one had the flu? do they take that into consideration? false advertising? or is number 101 sitting at home, awaiting a phone call? mmm.....
sorry about the link thing. it will fix itself at some point, i'm sure.

4 Jul 2010 10:46am

@Philip: One hundred beautiful vaccinated girls.

silent from mashhad, Iran

Oh .. I'd like to go here
well done

4 Jul 2010 11:14am

Zoltan from Toronto, Canada

The mirrors and the bars above... I'm leaning towards hell. But for who? Staff or patrons? Likely both in diff ways.

4 Jul 2010 11:35am

@Zoltan: Fire marshal and vice squad maybe.

STEED from Somewhere, France

Curiosities again and again.....................I Like your Road Movies......

4 Jul 2010 12:00pm

@STEED: I am a road warrior. :)

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

A Galaxy of beautiful stars?
I think I'll continue to view them from afar!!

4 Jul 2010 12:33pm

@Curly: They're best seen in groups from afar. Get too close you might get burned.

Patricia (✿◠‿◠)❤ from Brecht, Belgium

Wow this is very beautiful
I love the B/W

4 Jul 2010 12:34pm

JPS from Le Havre, France

Hurry up !! open the door..I'm so hungry !!!!

4 Jul 2010 1:06pm

@JPS: Wash your hands first.

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

Was reading above comments and smiling . Who else can force these pretty and stupid girl to sell their bodies. Nobody but themselves . Signs like this and much more , such as massage for adults ...etc..etc .. one can see everywhere . even in a small city of Waterloo where I live .

4 Jul 2010 1:11pm

@MARIANA: Mariana, I always love your strong point of view. Everyone responsible for themselves. As long as there's a choice. That's the best way to avoid what isn't good for you. A strange thing I also see here: there are many massage/strip/hostess clubs as there are tarot readers now. It's an odd world we live in.

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Such a fantastic B&W shot that I agree does make one think of many questions, Superb

4 Jul 2010 2:20pm

Don from spokane, United States

A fascinating post! Great black and white image and those doors are something else. The best part is how provocative this image is in generating interesting comment.

4 Jul 2010 2:23pm

@Don: Thanks. That's the fun of it! :)

roeb from rotterdam, Netherlands

i see a great shot. mirrordoors are super. and the firestairs make it complete.

(i wonder what the comments would be if it said:100 ugly girls)

4 Jul 2010 2:37pm

@roeb: I'd like to see that truth in advertising in a few other places. "McDonald's. I'm loathing it."

Cruz from exurbia, United States

The comments are as interesting as your picture Bettina! Very compelling "think piece" that once again pictures are worth a thousand words!

4 Jul 2010 3:54pm

Philip from Reading, United Kingdom

thanks for your advice about the link thing. it works. ta! slightly obvious, really....never was that bright....

4 Jul 2010 5:06pm

@Philip: It happens to the best of us.

alex centrella from California, United States

great capture !

4 Jul 2010 5:50pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Guys are NEVER too old :))

4 Jul 2010 6:32pm

@john4jack: lol. So I hear. :)

danou from France

great B/W and place , what between this glass that is the question , door to heaven or hell i think lol

4 Jul 2010 6:35pm

Stef67 from in my head, France

il suffit d entré pour trouver la réponse...quoique ^^

4 Jul 2010 8:02pm

@Stef67: Alas, this is true, Stef, as with all things. :)

Michael from Chester, United Kingdom

Only 100.....? that is not enough :0

4 Jul 2010 8:08pm

@Michael: Greedy.

k@ from Paris, France

Look what i found here............. some answers, or maybe some extra questions ?....................

4 Jul 2010 9:10pm

@k@: Wow, that's great. You smart, resourceful researching person, you. That's actually really fascinating about these clubs. A cultural phenomenon and a downtown LA phenomenon. It DOES open up a whole new set of questions! :) PS. I like the old sign better.

Phil David Alexander Morris from Canada

I hate to be the one to ask, but with all the info karine has found, will you have to get the answers for yourself? Is 100 the correct number?

4 Jul 2010 9:53pm

@Phil David Alexander Morris: I am totally fascinated. I think I will have to find out more. How do you think I would look in a mustache and cowboy hat?

Mohsen from Iran

Very good in B&W

4 Jul 2010 11:20pm

Oli from Nismes, Belgium

So impressive.
Yes, so many questions...

4 Jul 2010 11:53pm

✿ Anina ✿ from Auckland, New Zealand

So many choices.... which doors do we enter and which we only walk past? I like your questions! :) That sign will definitely convince a few guys to enter.... a 100 girls! lol!
I like the reflections on the doors - very well spotted and captured.

5 Jul 2010 1:03am

Becky from los angeles, United States

100? Exactly? Are they sure? Looks a rather hellish trip to me -
Excellent shot of the dark side...

5 Jul 2010 2:59am

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

And one really ugly one. Oops. Did I really say that?

5 Jul 2010 3:30am

@Michael Rawluk: lol. I think you did. I'm not sure though.

Gary from Cochise County, United States

Hi Bettina, besides the obvious there is a lot going on in this image as far as textures, reflections ect. Nice work. I hope you enjoyed your Arizona time.

5 Jul 2010 4:32am

@Gary: Hey Gary! Good to see you back a moment. Arizona was so short, I hope to get back very soon for a little longer. How is the fire season? I thought of you when I heard about fires around Flagstaff? Hope you're staying safe. Keep me posted on all fronts. :)

Martin from North Platte, United States

Very awsome shot, but more than that, your questions at the beginning there, really shows off your talent as a writer and imagination,brought a whole new life to the shot, You have writeings on line by chance? and might ask, your fav author?

5 Jul 2010 3:56pm

@Martin: Hi Martin! So nice to find all your kind comments in my inbox. The writing is a big part of seeing for me, it's true. There's always a story in every picture. I am so trained in thinking about, knowing, and imagining people's lives and motivations, it's automatic for me. Sometimes it feels like x-ray vision, sensing into people's lives. I've written forty screenplays. One book for Johnny Tapia. What I've written is on the screen in a some films. But writing here on Aminus has inspired me so much, that I intend to write more in other mediums. It's been eye opening and inspiring to be here, and the supportive feedback makes all the difference. So nice to share it with you. I really appreciate your perceptive comments. :))

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

Great image but I love the list of questions below. There is no return when one journeys beyond the Door I hear.

6 Jul 2010 8:06am

Gonzalo Sirgo from Tarragona, Spain

There is something anusual in yours photos that I do not what it is exactly....I will think abou it...

6 Jul 2010 6:57pm

@Gonzalo Sirgo: I look forward to hearing what you find you. I want to know myself. :)

Hadi from Shiraz, Iran

Somethings shuld exist, because this is social life.
Great B&W.

8 Jul 2010 1:32pm

rumbarber from Berlin, Germany

Surely 100 is too many beautiful girls. Visitors would likely get a bit bored and crave a 'non-beauty'.

9 Jul 2010 8:09am

shoti from somewhere in, China

adding a person in the frame would make this more interesting. nevertheless, it's already interesting on its own, coupled with your caption :)

17 Jul 2010 3:38pm

Panasonic DMC-FZ35
1/160 second
ISO 160
98 mm (35mm equiv.)