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DD = Deep Discounts

Posted by
Bettina (Los Angeles, United States) on 20 September 2010 in Documentary & Street and Portfolio.

Yes, another of the many Tarzana lingerie stores. I wonder who manufactures these mannequins. Gives a new meaning to the term "super size me". Wonder if they hire them out for birthday parties.
With sex and ice cream on every corner, Tarzana is a place of contradictions. But I did see Tori Spelling at the Whole Foods the other day. She looked a little thin.

NIKON D3000 1/20 second F/4.0 ISO 500 36 mm (35mm equiv.)

Othersideblue from Kerman, Iran

mmmmm ..they look very refreshingly alive.. would water my mouth just if I were male

20 Sep 2010 5:20am

@Othersideblue: They look disturbingly alive to me. :O

roeb from rotterdam, Netherlands

do the hip-shake.

20 Sep 2010 6:01am

roeb from rotterdam, Netherlands

20 Sep 2010 6:06am

@roeb: Wow. The Belgian version! ;) Do love that Putter stuff.

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Silicone enhanced plastic! Reminds me of some people I used to know...

20 Sep 2010 6:19am

@CElliottUK: Really? And where are they now?

k@ from Paris, France

Tori Spelling does not eat ice-creams i bet, even in Tarzana !
Super shop window with a beautiful B&W and what a great light, Bettina - they seem alive, they seem exactly what you say about that city : a mix of paradoxes. Very good photo & topic to illustrate the place. Have a nice week, my dear*

20 Sep 2010 6:42am

@k@: Thanks, Karine! I hope you are hanging in with all your work as well! I'm crazed. Shouldn't even be here. Back to work! See you soon! :)

jpla from St Barthélémy d, France

Jolie composition ! Je te souhaite une agréable journée

20 Sep 2010 7:01am

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Haha..both are Marketing event organisers! and doing very well! Interesting that the 20% and 30% off signs seems to refer to the breast reduction and hip liposuction surgery-the left one being the "Before" model....

20 Sep 2010 7:16am

Paco Díaz from Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Tarzana is really a curious place :)
I like the photo, a good store for siliconned women :)

20 Sep 2010 7:19am

Aboololo from Govashir, Iran

Very nice b/w shot .

20 Sep 2010 7:20am

Richard from Duns, United Kingdom

You mean they're not real? :) Great take.

20 Sep 2010 7:39am

Adela Fonts from Barcelona, Spain

A sex shop! In all cities have some or a lot! Les windows ready to attract the attention of a certain audience! Other onlookers stand with some embarrassment. They want to go unnoticed! It is a social phenomenon to study carefully. "Bettina noc think? Desire to forget problems, pleasure, instinct ... ?? Everyone knows his stuff ... Best regards, Adela

20 Sep 2010 7:43am

@Adela Fonts: Desire to forget problems, pleasure, instinct. You are right on all those fronts. I also agree with you on the women and advertisementsk too. I look at these things without prejudice in photos to be able to see without prejudice. Once I judge I find I cannot see. Like when writing a character. I have to understand a bad guy as well as a good guy. But later, secretly, at home, in private I judge just fine... :)

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Really tasty and plus they are cheap:)) Brilliant shot this in B & W. Beautiful day.

20 Sep 2010 7:54am

@Tede: Very cheap! That's good, right? ;)

Christophe from Cherbourg, France

Il y a des affaires à faire !

20 Sep 2010 8:26am

kiwisa from North Shore, New Zealand

Tori definitely needs to eat more - perhaps she should visit some of the ice cream shops. Great b&w for this shop window.

20 Sep 2010 8:35am

Phil Morris from Canada

I love the poses, reminiscent of some lead singer and her backup.
The supersize me works well here, stretching it to the limit.

20 Sep 2010 9:37am

Sally from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Very 'Anne Summers'.

20 Sep 2010 10:14am

@Sally: Hi, Sally! Welcome!

STEED from Somewhere, France

Wow !!!!!!!!!! Where's the Dream,where's the Fantasm,where's the Reality ? Excellent,Bett'.....

20 Sep 2010 10:21am

@STEED: You know where the dream and fantasm and reality is. You've got it over there! This is really unreality.

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Sure living in a land of plenty over there . . strewth . .

20 Sep 2010 10:31am

@Ronnie 2¢: Abundance! Opulence! Our cup runneth over...

Gonzalo Sirgo from Tarragona, Spain

Be calm¡¡ I think that the discount will be more importants...

20 Sep 2010 11:04am

@Gonzalo Sirgo: It's all about the sale.

Sonia Nansid from Barcelona Stockholm, Sweden

Lol! I love your text! Supersize!! Great shot!

20 Sep 2010 11:11am

clodagh smith from Sacramento, United States

Obviously they have no choice but to lean backwards...the laws of physics! Cool shot/good choice for bw

20 Sep 2010 11:27am

@clodagh smith: The need for counter balance. No escaping it.

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

ROFL....I think these young ladies are a bit more than a DD!! Well seen and captured Bettina! ;-))

20 Sep 2010 12:05pm

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

Hahaha... I'd love to see Tori Spelling with these kind of clothes ;))) I like the tones and also the title you choose for this beautiful capture ! Well done Bettina. Have a great day :)

20 Sep 2010 12:52pm

mo.langel from Courtelary, Switzerland

Il y a aussi de belles vitrines dans Tarzana et Tori Spelling peut sans problème s'attarder et même entrer dans la boutique pour s'acheter une petite robe, mais quand elle passe devant le marchand de glace, elle doit avoir la langue pendante d'envie!:) Très belle lumière et beau cadrage, superbe NB!

20 Sep 2010 12:58pm

69mil from Argentina, Argentina

Nice B&W, the compo is great
Good day

20 Sep 2010 1:23pm

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

...modern day Barbie dolls. I think it's always been this way, just now, there is more of it.
Good composition.

20 Sep 2010 1:36pm

@bluechameleon: Life size Barbie dolls. Like Tori Spelling put on her daughter's birthday cake! :)

JJ from Jersey City, United States

Wonderful B&W work and I agree they do seem to supersize the mannequins for these shops dont they

20 Sep 2010 2:10pm

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

Hilarious - great pov here Bet!!
Sex and Ice cream eh? about DQ do they have a DQ nearby??

20 Sep 2010 2:14pm

@Denny Jump Photo: I haven't see a DQ. Looks like these girls are dairy queens all by themselves. ;)

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

PS I LOVE your title
And yep, the week is starting off just wonderfully as I predicted....

20 Sep 2010 2:19pm

Dana from Burbank, United States

Great shot. I'm a block away from this sex shop. My photos of it are almost too racy to post, lol. One local woman tried to shut it down. Great job.

20 Sep 2010 3:03pm

@Dana: Those shops are crazy in the middle of a suburban shopping area. Didn't realize you were there. I go twice a week and work at the CoffeeBean for hours waiting for my son's rehearsal to end. Or I drive around taking pictures (which is way more fun). :)

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

do you find them demoralizing?? they are artificial, and the only way to create that in 99% of women is artificial. i for one like the real thing

20 Sep 2010 3:06pm

@john4jack: Then you're a good man with great taste! And I wouldn't trade with that burdened one percent for anything.

Don from spokane, United States

These models make a striking picture. Very effective shooting.

20 Sep 2010 3:10pm

Larry Lefever from Lititz, United States

Never been one for those mamoth-amories. See you down the street at the ice cream shop.

20 Sep 2010 3:20pm

@Larry Lefever: Wow. rofl! That's a mouthful! Make mine chocolate mint in a waffle cone.

Mohsen from Tehran, Iran

Looks great :)

20 Sep 2010 3:34pm

LauraS from Chico, United States

Amazing abs-muscle tone on the mannequin on the right. Really great night shot with the B/W treatment!

20 Sep 2010 3:51pm

Phil from Sausset les Pins, France

The ice cream melt in front of me , I melt in front of the shop window !! Phil.

20 Sep 2010 4:12pm

@Phil: Hahaha! Then you are one of those beautiful reflecting puddles you photograph so well.

Shahryar from Isfahan, Iran

nice capture :)

20 Sep 2010 4:28pm

Philip from Reading, United Kingdom

that's enough to pop your eye out.

20 Sep 2010 4:51pm

@Philip: Safety goggles are advised.

melocoton from Spain

insinuante, provocadora, buen trabajo, ok

20 Sep 2010 5:08pm

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

You should be ASHAMED!! You crack me up buddy...I needed a good laugh today - how are you holding up?

20 Sep 2010 5:09pm

@Denny Jump Photo: "Barely"... ;)

Tomix from landerneau, France

haha! excellent shot! funny capture and thoughts! :))
they water my mouth :))))

20 Sep 2010 5:26pm

@Tomix: You better get some water... ;)

Putter from Brugge, Belgium

Yes, I see what you mean. ;-) Great subjects and the b/w tones are perfect!

20 Sep 2010 6:10pm

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

They look like anime girls! Maybe they rent them to otaku boys!

20 Sep 2010 6:47pm

@Dutçh: I'm sure you're right! :))

The Mouse from Glasgow, United Kingdom

Never understood the leather and chain thing, it would take quite a bold person to go in and discuss discount on those clothes. Good question where do you get the large dd dummies for this anyway.

20 Sep 2010 7:08pm

@The Mouse: There's a waste of an art school education somewhere.

DomLortha from Roanne, France

Great BW with an unusual subject. It's perfect!
Have a nice day.

20 Sep 2010 7:12pm

The MaJor from TM HooD, Iran

hahah..what the brave catch..are u kiddin' or somethin' !! ll

20 Sep 2010 7:14pm

@The MaJor: I'm not kidding you!! :O

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

fascinating lighting in b/w!! very attractive babies and their costumes!

20 Sep 2010 7:37pm

@flyingwind风飞扬: Haha. Big babies!

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

The Stepford Chicks, perhaps. They look quite animated to me. ;-) This is an excellent B&W.

20 Sep 2010 7:41pm

@Steve Rice: It is a little scary. :O

PATRICK from miramas, France

just 5*****

20 Sep 2010 8:18pm

Bill Brown from California, United States

Excellent capture and accompanying text Bettina! Next time I'm in Tarzana I'll have to check out some of these places (photographically speaking of course).

20 Sep 2010 8:38pm

@Bill Brown: Of course. Purely photographic naturally.


Très beau N&B!!J'adore!
Amitiés de France:CLAIRE

20 Sep 2010 8:41pm

@BOCCONE CLAIRE: Thank you, Claire!!

Howard F. from South Pasadena, Calif., United States

Oh wow, Heidi Montag :))) Nice capture.

20 Sep 2010 10:47pm

Becky from los angeles, United States

yikes! Those are big!! I'll take the ice cream. These look like too much to carry around. : ) Great shot!

20 Sep 2010 11:01pm

CATCHLIGHT from Reading, United Kingdom

A very fine photograph.......I thought the safest thing to do was Wiki this one......'Lingerie is a term for fashionable and possibly alluring undergarments. The term in the French language applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English it is applied specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic. Lingerie usually incorporating one or more flexible, stretchy materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, and silk which are not typically used in more functional, basic cotton undergarments'......Bring it on!

20 Sep 2010 11:10pm

@CATCHLIGHT: Playing it safe with Wikipedia. That's a new one. ;) Well, since I don't see latex or rubber listed here I'm not sure these items qualify as lingerie... maybe some sort of safety garments. Sunblock? Rash guards? Scuba gear?

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, Canada

Very nicely shot. Now, which outfit did you purchase?

20 Sep 2010 11:55pm

@Michael Rawluk: I went for the latex mini. In black. You can't go wrong.

peter.K from blue mountains, Australia

and 30% off, bargain!!!
super in b+w...

21 Sep 2010 3:06am

ORBIT from Kerman, Iran

Oh!!! : O
: ))))

21 Sep 2010 4:48am

Christian Richer from Le Havre, France

The light cascading down on her pretty models to advantageous forms ... But the clothes make me die of laughter!
Alas, my ignorance of English prevents me from understanding your message ...

21 Sep 2010 8:45am

Sarah from Suisse, Switzerland

There you go using unauthorised photos of me again... honestly Bettina, you are just asking for a lawsuit!

21 Sep 2010 11:52am

ZeWill68 from Murviel les Béziers, France

Have you done the same from another angle I could have done ? :-)))))))))))))))))

23 Sep 2010 7:08pm

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

PS - Barbara calls them "Boulder Holders" Hmmm

23 Sep 2010 8:05pm

1/20 second
ISO 500
36 mm (35mm equiv.)